Pankh Static Protective Film

Pankh Static Protective film is a kind of transparent film with static electricity on the surface, which can be adsorbed and adhered to the surface

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Flexible Laminate

Flexible laminates are often used in applications or products wherein a thin layer of protection is required. The material here is to be twisted, framed,

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Surface Protection Film

Surface Protection Films are basically plastic flexible films that consist of self-adhesive and self-adhering properties. The main features are hygienic usage, tear resistance and long

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VCI Film

VCI means Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors. VCI film protects metal from rust and corrosion. It supports as a physical barrier against moisture, dust, or contaminants, and

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Stretch Film

Stretch film, also termed as stretch wrap is a plastic film that is highly stretchable and is used to wrap around different items. There are

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Shrink Film

Shrink Film is a protective plastic film used to pack the product itself. It is used for packaging of toys, DVDs, fresh produce, frozen foods,

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