Stretch Film

Stretch Film

Stretch film also known as stretch wrap is a plastic film that is highly stretchable and is used to wrap around items. There are different types of stretch films available in the market to meet the specific requirements of the stretch film wrapping needs based on type, performance, size as well as budget. Stretch Film is generally used in pallet wrapping and storage operations. It is specifically designed to keep your products clean and moisture free, ensuring longer shelf life. It also helps stabilize and hold the load together by securely wrapping the products. This prevents product shifting and transit damage. It is a recyclable film used to improve the stability of products or packages, as well as giving protection from dust, moisture and package pilferage. It is widely used in the logistic, electronic, and food industry


Our Stretch film arrive in a wide scope of sizes from 3 inch to 2 feet moves to suit manual application on different item types. They are anything but difficult to utilize while being prudent and solid. Our Stretch film offers two sided stick that enables the wrap to remain safely wrapped.

Benefits of Stretch films

Stretch film conveys predominant thing assurance

These films keep the item free of dampness, residue and soil. The transportation harms are negligible. In the event that UVI (Ultra Violet Inhibitor) Stretch films are utilized it shields the thing put away outside from ultra-violet beams. Aside from hiding the thing substance it additionally diminishes the occasions of pilferage.

Stretch films are financially savvy

Stretch film wrapping is a superior option in contrast to lashing or warmth shrivels film. The machine, stretch wrap hardware, is more affordable contrasted with alternate options and furthermore as far as a measure of vitality devoured.

Stretch wrapping is proficient

The thing wrapped utilizing stretch films can be effectively looked over optics. Since its simple to wrap, the efficiency of the labourers increments. The stretch films can be reused. There are numerous sorts of wrapping films to suit your particular necessities. Here we take a gander at the different kinds of stretch films.

Types of Stretch Films

Blown Stretch Films

This kind of film utilized on high power items as they have prevalent cut obstruction. They look cloudy and dull and are extremely boisterous when you loosen up the film for wrapping.

Hand Stretch Film

This film is also known as hand wrap, pallet wrap or hand stretch wrap. These films are usually used when the weight of the item is less. The reason is that hand wrapping is an extremely difficult task as it has to be done manually. If not done in an appropriate manner, it can cause damage to the items wrapped.

Converted Films

This sort of film is stretched before wrapping the item/thing. Changed over films are steady and solid as well as can be reused. Aside from that, very few upsets of the film are required to wrap the heap. This implies you spare time as well as maintain a strategic distance from wastage of film.

Cast Stretch Film

Also known as a cast film or cast wrap have astonishing optics, polished and have fantastic tear opposition. They have predictable thickness and stick. These films loosen up without noise.

Machine Stretch Film

To wrap an item using this type of wrap film you need a stretch wrap machine. Some of the benefits of using machine Stretch film over hand Stretch film include the reduced material cost, ease of use and safety. Plus the items are better secured because of efficient packaging.

We offer a wide range of stretch wrap films which are utilized in pallet wrapping, unitizing of cartons, scratch protection of metals and material, like machinery plants and furniture, packing of cable wire and hose pipe in rounded form and weather proofing cartons. Further, these stretch wrap film are also called pallet wraps, because these help in wrapping boxes or items that have been accumulated on a pallet.

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