Flexible Laminates

Flexible laminates are most regularly utilized in applications where a thin layer of protection is required. These applications ordinarily require the material to be twisted, framed, or basically punched into a shape that fits into a kept space. Commonly applications incorporate layer protection in transformer curls, opening protection in engines, swing to-turn protection in power generators, and stage to-stage protection in low voltage circuit breakers.


Girdhar Roll Wrap is a major supplier of Flexible Laminated packaging solutions across a wide range of products including food, beverage, industrial and health care applications. Flexible Laminated packaging has many benefits. Firstly, it can be used to pack virtually any kind of content, including powder, solids or liquids, achieving mass application throughout a wide range of industries. In addition, flexible laminated packaging also enables our clients to reduce their carbon footprint when compared to conventional packaging forms.
Girdhar Roll Wrap produce various structures of laminates for a wide range of products viz. biscuits, chococlate,candy,salt,wheat flour, detergent powders, shampoos, hair oil, tea & coffee, potato chips & snacks and industrial products.
To meet the shelf life requirement of the products, we can use PET / Met PET / BOPP / Met. BOPP / CPP or any other barrier films. For heat seal ability of laminates natural / opaque PE is used. Depending on requirement of the customer, we can supply Laminates in Reel Form or Pre-formed Pouches.


Solvent-less & solvent-based laminates in reel form for packaging FMCG, processed food, pharmaceuticals snacks, milk, oil or any other customer requirement. Substrates cover either printed or un-printed plain & Metallised PET, BOPP, CPP, Poly Propylene, Multilayer Poly Ethylene, PVC, Aluminium Foil, Paper etc.

Girdhar Roll Wrap provides excellent range of Multi Colour Flexible Packaging Material Lamination Rolls:
  • Two layer
  • Three layers,
  • Two layers BOPP
  • Two layer BOPP metalized
  • BOBP Head – Sellable
  • BOPP Opaque
  • Perlize
  • Milky two layers
  • Two layer metalized-surface Multi Colour printing
  • MC Reels of PVC film
  • Shrink film printed
  • Aluminium foils polyester film
  • Glass in poly printed etc.
  • That can be customized with ease for a host of applications. Dedicated team of professionals and strong knowledge base ensure that our brand of Multi Colour Flexible Packaging Material Laminated Reels preserves your food and other items and increase its shelf-life. Keeping in tune with international standards our Multi Colour Laminated Rolls are printed and laminated on poly, polyester, Flexible Packaging Material, metalized BOPP, LLDP, HM, PP,LD and CPP.
    Use of bold Colours and dynamic graphics add to the visual appeal of the packaged product and enhances its marketability.


    GIRDHAR ROLL WRAP is a key manufacturer & supplier of Flexible Printed Laminated Pouches that find core packaging applications in many industries.
    They come in many sizes, colors and finishes, and they well protect items due to their tamper proof, dirt & moisture resistant and hard to tear nature. Centre sealed 3-sides sealed, Bottom-gusseted and Side-gusseted Pouches & other custom-made pouches.
    The Laminated Pouches are ideal for protection and sealing of various products. Also, they withstand varying temperature which makes them a perfect packaging solution. We make available these pouches in various specifications to suit customers' precise requirements.


    We at Girdhar Roll Wrap are a pioneer in liquid packaging in India. We manufacture high quality pouch packaging and sachet packaging for liquid packaging applications. We manufacture custom printed multi-layer roll stock films and pouches for aseptic packaging of liquids such as beverages, condiments, all types of oils & retort pouch.

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