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Surface protection films are plastic flexible films that have self-adhesive and self-adhering properties. The surface protection films comprise of a polymer based substrate layer covered with adhesive layer.

Flexible laminates are most regularly utilized in applications where a thin layer of protection is required. These applications ordinarily require the material to be twisted, framed, or basically punched into a shape that fits into a kept space.

Stretch film also known as stretch wrap is a plastic film that is highly stretchable and is used to wrap around items. There are different types of stretch films available in the market to meet the specific requirements of the stretch film wrapping needs based on type, performance, size as well as budget.

VCI in main represents Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors. The primary uses of VCI are to exclusively and totally ensure the metal segments against getting rust, consumption and sullying. Girdhar Roll Wrap is one of only a handful couple of associations to fabricate wide scope of VCI PE based items

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